Air low quality dangerous to health

The research is in the last decade, air quality and can cause chronic respiratory disease, underlying disease, and even more serious long-term and incurable disease is causing. The conclusion is that people actually suffer from a lack of quality of the air we breathe. The effects can be caused by poor indoor air quality, enhanced graphics. Often, measurements of the total amount of stocks that leave out potentially harmful allergens, traces of toxic fumes, mussels and other attributes of breathing often leads to serious health problems. The fact that some poor indoor air quality is inevitable.

Obviously there are some common elements to create dangerous results of indoor air to a low quality. The use of air filtration technology as a means for extracting air from stagnating, and change the consistency, breaking impurities. The result is safer than thinner air harmful components. The main advantage of air purification systems or air quality, because they are known, the ease of breathing improved immediately. Annoying problems such as difficulty breathing, lung, throat, nose and mouth, sometimes alleviating symptoms. The main reasons for these improvements, filtration and dilution air pollution components. Cleaner air is no problem for second-hand smoke or toxic radon are dominant, although not as experienced.

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